December 16, 2013

Easy Life Conversations

I am just sick and tired of hearing about Hard work, Hard life, Hard day and anything Hard that doesn’t bring joy in life. We have been brought up in environment where everything nice comes with hard work and if you are born with silver spoon in mouth and everything comes easy to you, then for some reason you are not a worthy person.

I love working hard when I do something I love. I love when money comes to me easy and I don’t have to feel guilty about it. I don’t want to feel guilty for having a day off from work to look after my own well-being.
My favourite quote from Stuart Wilde sums it up nicely.

“Life was never meant to be a struggle, just a gentle progression from one point to another, much like walking through a valley on a sunny day.”

My mission for “Easy Life Conversations” to be a sanctuary for everyone who want to take a deep breath, lie down and take in the beauty of life without rushing anywhere and losing mind over day to day tasks.
My vision for “Easy Life Conversations” is to create a world where “easy” is part of everyone’s daily life and it is celebrated and not just a privilege of few.
You don’t have to be anywhere else but here, in this moment…
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January 2, 2014

Easy Life vs Hard Life


Life doesn’t have to be hard. We can have hard parts of life but whole of it doesn’t  have to. We can have many battles but it doesn’t have to define whole life as a war. Even during great wars people found moments for joy. Wars eventually ended but some of us are still currying them in our hearts.

Life is not about waiting for death so we can go to heaven or hell. It is our own choice to be in hell or heaven now. Life is not about instant moment in future where everything is going to happen. Life happens now and at this moment you unravel next moment and then another.
I admire people who have worked hard all their life and waiting for moment when they will be able to enjoy their hard earned money. I don’t want that for myself and I don’t want that for you.
Decide for yourself – when do you want to have fun (getting drunk on the weekend and falling down on the curb is not fun), when do you want to read your favourite book, when do you want to have 3 hour long walk on the beach? These things weren’t created to tease you, they were created for you to enjoy them and use them.
When I was little my mums used to hide my nice dresses and just let me wear them on special occasion. But these special occasions came with a blue moon. I outgrew these dresses and they ended up in attic with rats still nice and spotless. I grew older and I was doing the same. My nice dresses were sitting in the wardrobe, eventually I stopped buying nice dresses. I looked in my wardrobe and I was looking at my life. It has become dull and worn off. All nice dresses were gathering dust.
Don’t wait for distant moment in future to wear your nice dress. Wear it now.
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January 2, 2014

What do you want?


I love scene from Matrix movie where Morpheus takes Neo to …. white room and use it to create ….. I sometimes imagine myself in there and play with ideas what could I choose for myself. At beginning it was hard to think of anything. I was brought up thinking that I can have something based on my current reality, e.g. I have £20 so I can have something for £20 or less. We should be brought up in the world where if I have £20 and I want something for £40 then I create another £20.

Our choices and decision are based on what ’s in the store of our life or what we believe is possible. My attitude towards it changed when I was reading book by Robert Fritz “The Path of Least Resistance” and he shares a story of an old lady who had health issues for a very long time. She was asked what does she really want and she couldn’t even say it out loud that she wants health.
How many ow us can actually voice our wants. My nephew always asked me to guess what he wants because he can’t say it out loud (and he is only 12).
It breaks my heart that we suppress our desires to adapt to what is possible within our limitations.
We should be able to jump in the ocean of our life and swim any direction we want and how we want.
Ask your self “What do I want?” and don’t try to figure out the answer. Let it come to you. Our senses to our wants have been closed off and we need to open them up gently and slowly. By asking this simple question you are changing course of your ship that has been wondering strange seas for far too long. It is tome to go home and not the home you were brought up but home where your soul rests.
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February 12, 2014

Are you past or future person?


I just love how the mind works. I love noticing ideas in my head and then realising that I have been doing it all wrong.

Hearing about different ideas that can make our lives much easier is interesting. However, when mind accept them as a new way of living is amazing.

Living in a moment is hard at the beginning but once you get it there is no way to go back. It doesn’t mean I am all living in NOW and never ponder about my future or getting annoyed at my past events. However, more and more it makes sense to be in here.

There is a way to test yourself, whether you are past or future person. If you feel depressed then you are living in the past. Depression is sign of regret and grief about events that happened in the past and you can’t change them or undo them.

If you are anxious, you live in the future. Future events haven’t happened yet but you are already projecting outcome that might not happen. You are worried that they won’t happen the way you want it.

If you are at peace, you are living in the moment. In the moment you accept you can’t change past events because that ship has sailed. In the moment you accept that you don’t have control over future events because they are not here yet.

What kind of person are you? Past or future? Or you would rather be in here?

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March 24, 2014

10 + 4 books about change


I love reading stories about change, how heroes embark on the journey and at the end of story they changed themselves and created life more beautiful than it was.

Some of the books made more impact then others and in this list I want to share books that helped me.

  1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  2. The way of peaceful warrior – Dan Milman
  3. Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield
  4. Monk who sold his ferrari – Robin Sharma
  5. The Shack – William P Young
  6. Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach
  7. Aleph – Paulo Coelho
  8. The Pilgrimage – Paulo Coelho
  9. The Secret of Shambalah – James Redfield
  10. Instant Millionaire – Mark Fisher
  11. Lord of the rings – J.R.R. Tolkien
  12. Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling
  13. Fish – Harry Paul
  14. The Go-Giver – Burg, Bob & Mann, John David

If you know any other books that are similar to these then share with us by leaving comment

Have an amazing day!


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P.S.S. If you gained value from this post be sure to comment and share below!

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June 1, 2014

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